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1936 Ford Deluxe Roadster - George's Ride

The story of George’s Ride starts when Ross Myers bought this 1936 Ford at the age of 13 in 1963. He brought it home from the chicken coop where he found it, fixed it up, rebuilt and installed a ¾ race Mercury flathead, and regularly drove the car to high school. His dream of turning the car into a first-class hot rod came to an end when a drunk driver t-boned the car. When the dream resurfaced 40 years later, he turned the wreck over to Ellis Simmons of Iron Hill Hot Rods in Delaware to build the car you see today. Powered by a 430 cubic-inch Lincoln V-8, the car was designed and built to be a modern take on the style of the postwar California dry-lakes hot rods. The car is named after George, one of the three Myers family dogs that gave the museum its name (Gracie and Dauber were the others, all now in Dog Heaven), who loved nothing more than taking a ride in an open car down an open road.