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2000 Saleen Mustang SR
This 2000 Saleen Mustang SR is one of six built by Southern California native, Steve Saleen. Starting his business in 1983, Saleen’s specialty was developing and building highly modified, high-performance street and racing Mustangs. By 2000, the Saleen Mustang race cars had evolved into the SR, which was designed and built to compete in the Grand American Road Racing Championship. With lightweight composite bodies and frames, and 505-horsepower supercharged V-8s, the cars dominated the season and won the GTO Drivers Championship, and the Manufacturers and Team Championships as well. At the same time, SRs competed in the SCCA World Challenge, earning multiple first-place wins, fastest laps, pole positions and leading laps during the season. Arguably the best-looking of the various modified Mustangs built during the period, the SR represented the high point in Mustang racing development at the time. This car has been restored without its TF Racing livery and Zippo sponsorship graphics for no other reason than it simply looks so good in “basic” black.