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1969 Trans-Am Mustang - “Smokey Yunick Boss 302”
Of the seven factory-supported Mustang race cars built for the 1969 Trans-Am racing season, this one was to be campaigned by the legendary Smokey Yunick of Daytona, Florida. As it turned out, the car was not entered in any Trans-Am race that year or any other year. Shortly after receiving the car from Kar Kraft in Michigan, Yunick was told by Ford to change its configuration and specifications to run oval races instead, which was Smokey’s specialty. He and his team made the changes to the car. It was easily leading its race at Talladega when a broken push rod put the car out of the race. After that one event, the car was retired, then campaigned by others in regional races for a few years. Today, it is restored to its original Trans-Am, as-shipped-to-Yunick configuration and competes regularly in vintage Trans-Am road racing events throughout the US.