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In the world of hot rodding there has always been a highly focused group of builder/competitors who had no interest in performing any modification to a car that was not specifically meant to make it go faster. No extra chrome, no do-dads, maybe some padding on the seat. Maybe some fancy paint, or maybe no paint at all. Growing in popularity after World War II, these cars were built for flat-out top speed on California’s dry lakes northeast of Los Angeles, or for record speed and elapsed time at a drag strip. Dry lakes cars ran one at a time, over miles of flat, dry lakebed in a quest to establish a measured and recorded speed record for an assigned class based on the car’s weight, power and other criteria. Drag racing also provided a measured and recorded speed, as well as its elapsed time, but over a (usually) one-quarter-mile strip and against a second car in an adjacent lane. Purpose-built and existing for no other reason than to set records, the dry lakes and drag cars in the 3 Dog Garage collection represent the purest, no compromises, hard-core race cars of their genre.

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