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1936 Ford V-8 Deluxe Roadster

1936 Fords have long been favored by collectors for their good looks and brisk performance. This V-8 Deluxe Roadster delivers on both counts. As a roadster, it combines being handsome and sporty in just the right measure, making it the most desirable of all the body styles available that year. It also wears its original 1936-only Easter Spring Promotion color of Armory Green, one of three special hues that were featured. On the performance side, this car is powered by what appears to be a stock Ford flathead V-8, but which has actually been treated to many upgrades on the inside by none other than Roush Performance Products. The modifications include a larger bore, a custom Mercury crank to increase the stroke, and a re-profiled cam. The changes are only evident when the car is driven, it being quite a bit quicker than appearances would suggest, enhancing the enjoyment of an already legendary motoring experience.