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1936 Ford Phaeton

Deluxe V-8

By 1936, the body style known as the Phaeton was nearing its imminent extinction. The main difference between it and other body styles was its lack of roll-up side windows. Most car buyers by this time had become quite accustomed to having side windows and did not necessarily wish to return to the early days of motoring. However, some buyers still preferred the sporty style, lighter weight and better performance of the windowless, four-door open car, and Ford sold more than 5,500 of them in 1936. The passage of time has revealed the basic goodness of the Phaeton and today it is quite popular with collectors. Ross Myers fell in love with this very car and its rare dual-cowl insert in the 1950s when it belonged to a family friend. When it came up for sale many years later, Ross made good on his promise to himself to own it someday. It is one of the best examples of an unrestored original ’36 Ford Phaeton in existence.