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1919 Ford Model T


This 1919 Ford Model T has been in the Myers family since the early 1950s, and was the first antique car that Ross’s father, Allan C. Myers, ever bought. It needed to be restored, a project that Allan undertook in the garage at the family’s home in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. For two months, he meticulously stripped and sanded the original black paint off the wooden wheels so he could varnish the natural hickory rims and spokes for a unique look. When left alone in the garage for a short time, young Ross—aged four years at the time—spied a can of black paint and a brush that Allan was using for other parts. Looking to help his dad, Ross painted the wheels black again. Dismayed but unable to avoid seeing the humor in the situation, Allan set about stripping the wheels again, maybe a little less meticulously than the first time. It would be correct to believe that any black remaining in some places on the wheels is, to this day, a result of Ross’s childhood participation in the restoration process of the vehicle. For several decades, this car and a group of other antique cars were driven every June to Ocean City, New Jersey, to participate in the annual parade on the boardwalk. For Ross, this car will always be the one that ignited his automotive passion many years ago.