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1916 Ford Model T Fire Engine
The Ford Model T, of which approximately 15 million were built between 1909 and 1927, could be ordered in many body configurations. Some were actually designed for light commercial duty, such as the legendary Model T Depot Hack. Enterprising independent manufacturers begin building purpose-designed bodies and equipment for use on the model T chassis. One example is this 1916 fire engine, purchased in running order by Allan C. Myers, Ross’s father, in the mid-1960s from East Norriton (PA) Fire Company. After actively serving the fire company for decades, it had been safely stored for many years when Mr. Myers purchased it. Well preserved though it was, restoration was still necessary. At that time, the East Norriton name was changed to the name of the Pennsylvania town where Mr. Myers lived, Worcester, where it spent over 40 years as a favorite parade vehicle for generations of kids and adults alike.