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1909 Ford Model T


A Model T Ford always brings a smile to the face of anybody who sees one. People instinctively appreciate that its form follows its function, and that it is a vehicle free of artifice or pretense. This 1909 Ford Model T is a very early example of the first year of Model T production. As an early car, it has a four-digit engine number and the “open valve” block, and has other specific features and details that are unique to a 1909 model. In that year, a new Model T was priced at $850. Manufacturing efficiencies and increased production would see that price drop to $265 by 1923. Except for model years 1914 through 1925, when Model Ts were only painted black, they were available in colors other than black, including red as on this car. As a matter of general interest, black paint dried more quickly than other colors, and the need to meet production demands from ’14 to ’25, was responsible for the black-only mandate during those years. In 1999, the Global Automotive Elections Committee, a jury of 135 professional journalists from 32 countries, voted to name the Ford Model T as the “Car of the Century.” During its production from 1909 to 1927, 15,500,000 Model Ts were sold.