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To so many people of a certain age today, the 1960s were the period when their car consciousness was raised to near-obsession levels. Each new model year brought an endless stream of more power, more speed and more style. Automotive sales and marketing programs were aimed directly at young people, whose appetite for “more” was insatiable. Certain brand affinities grew strong during this time, with the predictable rivalries between partisans of Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Plymouth, Olds, Dodge and others growing with each new increase in horsepower figures or other performance bragging rights. It is interesting that now, about 60 years on since that time, most enthusiasts have come to appreciate the totality of the excitement of the period. So, seeing a Plymouth with a Cross Ram 413 Wedge will bring the same smile of approval to the face of someone whose obsession was a Tri-Power Pontiac GTO back then. None of which is to say that high performance was or is the only metric by which cars of the period can be remembered or appreciated. Of the hundreds of cars that helped define the culture of the time, a Ford station wagon could as easily bring back as sweet a memory to one person as a 428 Cobra Jet Mustang does to another.

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